Normal mode-based geometric simulation

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Type of simulation: Small scale motions
(loops, docking ensembles, distinct starting structures)

Large scale motions
(opening and closing of domains)

Radius of gyration-guided motions
(biased simulation towards lower (or larger) ROG)

Targeted simulation

Target PDB-File  *

Rigid cluster decomposition parameters (FIRST): E-cutoff for H-bonds

Hydrophobic method

  Hydrophobic cutoff

Normal mode parameters (RCNMA): RCNMA  ENM    Cutoff for C-alpha atoms

parameters (NMSim):
No. of trajectories

No. of NMSim cycles

Side-chain distortions

Step size

  No. of sim. cycles

  Output frequency

  NM mode range          1-

  ROG mode

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Alternative sidechain conformations are not allowed.

The PDB file must not be larger than 5000 atoms.

Structural preparation before simulation:

 - Incomplete residues will be fixed.

 - Waters and ligands will be removed.

 - Hydrogens will be added (are not required for input PDB file).

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