Vasor (Variant assessor of MDR3) is a machine learning-based, Multidrug Resistance 3 (MDR3) protein-specific prediction tool to classify novel variants into benign or pathogenic.

Please enter your variant of interest in the following format: one letter-code for the wildtype, amino acid position, one letter-code for the substitution (e.g. L556R for Leucine substituted by Arginine at the position 556). Please always refer to the longest isoform, shown in sequence P21439-1, for the position of the variant.

Variant of interest:

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Download the predictions of Vasor for the entire MDR3 protein here. Note that Vasor gives out a probability of pathogenicity, which can range from 0 (likely benign) to 1 (likely pathogenic).

Disclaimer: Vasor should not guide health-related behavior and/or decisions. Its results should not be reported as conclusive. Please adhere to the ACMG-AMP guidelines for usage of computational predictive programs

If you are using Vasor, please cite:
Behrendt, A., Golchin, P., König, F., Mulnaes, D., Stalke, A., Dröge, C., Keitel, V., Gohlke, H.
Vasor: Accurate prediction of variant effects for amino acid substitutions in MDR3.
Hepatol. Commun., 2022, 6, 3098-3111.

This study was supported by the BMBF through HiChol (01GM1904A, 01GM1904B) and, in part, InCelluloProtStruct (031L0182).

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