Enzyme map presenting the coverage of EC space with structural models

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The color represents the pLDDT for representative models obtained from AlphaFold2 (higher pLDDT numbers indicate better structural quality). The rectangle size represents the number of representative structures for the specific function. The treemap is ordered according to EC classification. By clicking on an area, the next subclass enlarges and shows the information for enzymatic function, enzyme classification, number of (available) folds within this class as determined from sequences in the UniprotKB/Swiss-Prot, a link to the enzyme databases ExplorEnz, KEGG, BRENDA and Expasy, and a download link that generates a script to download all structures available in TopEnzyme, SWISS-MODEL, and AlphaFold DB. This figure is created with plotly.

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If you use TopEnzyme please cite: Karel van der Weg, Holger Gohlke. TopEnzyme: A framework and database for structural coverage of functional enzyme space, BioaRxiv, doi: