Group Seminar Schedule

Guests are welcome to the seminars.

Location: building 26.23 room 00.26

Date                   Lecturer                                      Time        Title
10.02.2020   Benedikt Frieg   9.00 h     Functional and structural characterization of interactions between opposite subunits in HCN channels.
02.03.2020   Nicola Porta   9.00 h      
09.03.2020   Annika Behrendt   9.00 h      
23.03.2020   Stephan Schott   9.00 h      
20.04.2020   Jonas Dittrich   9.00 h      
04.05.2020   Sabahuddin Ahmad   9.00 h     On the understanding of substrate access mechanism in Phospholipase A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa